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About Us

For Real Estate Professionals:

Principal Brokers Network is here to give you the identity clients want by providing you with a value proposition (Always A Broker) that separates you from your competition. Until now you had to choose from traditional brokerages (50/50), 100% franchises (do you keep 100%?), MLM concepts (your earned income is given to others), discount brokerages (is the discount in service, fee or both) or independent brokerages (mom and pop). We are THE ONLY FRANCHISE that has no sales people! Put yourself in the exclusive company you've earned to be identified with by becoming a member of the Principal Brokers Network and see how:

Frank Tarala and Kathi Tarala, owners of Principal Brokers Network with famous Rod Stewart impersonator Danny D at the Michigan Association of Realtors Convention.

For Sellers & Buyers:

We are the only exclusive "Always A Broker" organization in real estate which means you will always receive the "Most Qualified" representation available. Never someone new, never someone part time, always a broker/owner. Your expectations will be exceeded by our brokers because they have the experience, taken the time to invest in their education and have demonstrated their commitment to their clients and careers! A Principal Brokers Network is who you should look for when selling or buying real estate. Then you will understand why we say:

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