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As a Real Estate Professional, you understand the landscape of the industry along with the current challenges that arise when processing a clients transaction.  You are also aware of the competition in our business and importance of marketing your value to consumers.  We know that a broker is “Most Qualified” to handle a real estate transaction, and when clients are given a choice, they prefer to be serviced by a broker.  Principal Brokers Network is where consumers will look for you!

 As a Seller or Buyer of real estate it is important to know that by law agents with a real estate salespersons license must work under the direct supervision of a licensed real estate broker.  Why?  Brokers are required to have more experience and education than a salesperson to insure a successful real estate transaction.  Some licensed brokers use their resources to hire and train a sales staff.  Our brokers take those same resources and apply them to their client goals.  The next time you need the service of a real estate professional, a Principal Brokers Network member is “Most Qualified” for you.

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